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  • Abstract

    Project seeks to describe and understand the current vegetation and how it has changed historically.


    The goal is to provide a more complete understanding of the natural vegetation of central New York. This involves providing descriptions of the many kinds of communities that occur around Ithaca. It also requires historical research to determine how things have changed--which kinds of communities, for example, are novel and recent and which have been present for thousands of years?


    I have now completed many component studies that address parts of the issues raised above. This has involved much field sampling and descriptive analyses. It has also involved use of a time series of aerial photographs and use of the original land survey records from 200 years ago. We are in the process of synthesizing much of this information by writing a book for a general audience. The book is written in draft form.


    This project represents basic research for a diffuse audience. Potential benefit derives from a land management and environmental point of view.

    Funding Sources

    • Private (e.g., commodity groups, foundations, companies)
    • Federal Formula Funds - Research (e.g., Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, Animal Health)


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    Key Personnel

    • Sana Gardescu, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University